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Withdrawn from wallet:
Rental Charge:
Delivery Charges:
Refundable Security Deposit:
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The security deposit will be added to your wallet. It can be withdrawn anytime after you have returned the game or you can use it to rent another game.






1. How does my rental plan work ?

A. http://alvoff.com/how-it-works

2. Do I need to pay any delivery charges ?

A. We do not take any additional charges, so it's free of cost.

3. When will my rental plan start ?

A. Your rental plan starts on the day you receive your first game.

4. Can I order more than 1 game at a time ?

A. Yes you can, If you subscribe for 'Monthly Unlimited Pro' or '3 Months Unlimited Pro' plans.

5. How do I return my game ?

A. You need to schedule the pickup time from My orders page, our delivery executive will come at your preferred slot and pick it up from your location.

6. What happens if the game is not in working condition ?

A. We ensure all our products are quality checked and passed by our quality inspection team. If you find any defects please inform us via email or call within 48 hrs of delivery.

7. How to list your game ?

A. Enter your details, quote a price in list your game section. We will get back to you through a confirmation email of your listing.

8. When and how will my game gets picked up ?

A. Once your game is bought by an Alvoff user, you will receive an email. Once you schedule the pickup time, our delivery executive will come to your place to pick up your game.

9. When will I receive my payment for selling my game ?

A. The day your game reaches the customer, we will process your payment. If you have chosen wallet payment, it will be credited into your account within 24 hours. If you've chosen bank transfer it will take 4-5 business days.

10. How do I buy games and is it quality assured ?

A. Choose your game, enter your details and we will deliver your game for free at your preferred slot. All our games are quality checked by our quality inspection team, so we will give you the assurance on the quality of the product.